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August 7-8 Meeting Summary

1. Call for Proposals. The group continued work on drafting the CfP for device interoperability solutions. All revisions from this point on will be numbered and include revision marks and revision histories. The group established a time line for completion of the CfP (October) with an eye on release of the specification in Q2 2003. Work continues as more companies are becoming involved in the effort. 

2. Strategies. DMDA Directors Tom White and James Fleming attended a US Dept. of Commerce workshop on DRM in Broadband Entertainment to begin the process of introducing DMDA to government and industry leaders. Meanwhile, DMDA submitted formal responses to interrogatories from the participants in the Canadian Copyright Board's review of a proposed 2003 tariff on recordable media specifically used for audio, noting that DMDA did not have any statistical information that would be relevant. DMDA's five co-respondants did not respond and so may be barred from further participation. We have been told, however, that Apple Computer (Canada) is now participating in the review and will likely take a position against the proposed tariff on digital devices, which has been the primary concern of DMDA.

3. Digital Device Summit. Discussions with CMP regarding possible editorial and operations support for the event continue, with the likely scenario being CMP obtaining the services of a outside event producer. DMDA's newly formed Marketing Committee reviewed and modified the event agenda and along with DMDA's Edwin Outwater will assume responsibility for the planning of the event.

4. Marketing. Ross Blanchard, VP Marketing, Gracenote, Chaired the first DMDA Marketing Committee meeting with participation from Microsoft, PortalPlayer, Liquid Audio, DTS, and Oak Technologies. The group drafted a list of objectives and work items which will be further developed off-line and at the next DMDA meeting..

5. Presentations. Chris Horton of Universal Music's eLabs gave a presentation of their thoughts and plans for digital distribution of music as early as this Fall and looking over the next 3-5 years. Chris provided some insights on Universal's ideas for achieving a more acceptable balance between customer's expectation of fair use and content owners right to control reproduction in a personal audio network.

6. DMDA Membership. DMDA is pleased to announce the following company joined DMDA and/or DMDA-IWG this month: SONICBlue.

Jim Fleming, Executive Administrator
August 15, 2002

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