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August 29-30 Meeting Summary

1. DMDA-IWG. The group continued work on drafting the CfP for device interoperability solutions, clarifying requirements for content management, meta-data, and inter-device communication. The group also clarified the selection and evaluation process and modified the schedule to give proponents more time to respond to questions. The document is scheduled for completion of the CfP (October) with an eye on release of the specification in Q2 2003.

2. Legal and Legislative Update. In the Canadian Copyright Board action, the schedule for hearings has been pushed back to January 2003, to give participants more time to prepare their cases. DMDA retained the right to participate in the hearings, but has no plans to do so at this time, pending further commitments from our members. With respect to other legal and legislative issues, the DMDA Marketing Committee is working on priortizing and identifying issues that would benefit from DMDA involvement. 

3. Digital Device Summit. We are still looking for an event producer who will carry the cost of the event for us, and are considering alternatives such as reducing the event to a single day and staging it in conjunction with another event. 

4. Marketing Committee. The DMDA Marketing Committee approved revised mission and objectives statements which have been posted on the DMDA web site. The committee is compiling a legal and legislative watch list and will make recommendations regarding issues which would benefit from DMDA attention. The committee also assumed the task of proposing speakers for future DMDA meetings, and needs to develop a formal work plan by the next DMDA meeting. Chairman Ross Blanchard also arranged an interview for DMDS Exectuve Director Tom White with TWICE magazine, regarding the DMDA's marketing and standardization efforts -- the article should appear in the CEDIA issue of TWICE (http://www.tvinsite.com/twice).

5. Presentations. There were no presentations at this meeting.

6. DMDA Membership. DMDA is pleased to announce that Gracenote joined DMDA as a General Member this month.

Jim Fleming, Executive Administrator
September 3, 2002

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