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Ross Blanchard, Gracenote, to Chair DMDA Marketing Committee

July 25, 2002

We are pleased and excited to announce the formation of a DMDA Marketing Committee which will be chaired by Ross Blanchard of Gracenote. The mission of the committee will be to propose and manage activities that help to promote DMDA, its members, and the marketplace for digital media devices.

The committee's initial work effort will be focused on identifying issues, messages, and personnel to participate in the upcoming Digital Device Summit. DMDA's Ed Outwater is managing the event, and will work with Ross and the marketing committee to make the event as successful as possible.

The committee's inaugural meeting will be held August 7 in San Jose, in conjunction with DMDA's monthly membership and IWG (Interoperability Working Group) meetings. Marketing personnel of participating DMDA and DMDA-IWG companies are encouraged to attend and contribute to this important endeavor.

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