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June Meeting Summary

1. Call for Proposals. We continued work on the CfP, specifically in the area of refining the key definitions and objectives of the effort. The outline of the CfP was created and is in the process of being "fleshed out" this month via the reflector. At next month's meeting, we want to be able to start finalizing the component pieces of the CfP in preparation for its release.

2. Strategies. We continued to strategize on how to deal with issues affecting the digital device marketplace. One example is the Canadian Copyright Board's proposal on a tariff on recordable media. Counsel has been retained in Canada and DMDA is a recognized participant in the tariff proposal review process.

3. Meetings. In light of the amount of work to be done to finalize the CfP and to deal with the ever-increasing business issues facing the association, it was decided and agreed-upon by the participating companies that we would lengthen the meeting from its current 1-day length to a 2-day period. By doubling the length of the monthly meeting, we can devote more time to both business and interoperability issues.

4. Digital Device Summit. We are exploring the feasibility of DMDA hosting, in conjunction with others, a Digital Device Summit. This summit will be a 2-day event with presentations and panel discussions, on issues which are pertinent to the digital device marketplace, as well as displays and demonstrations of new products, etc. The likely location will be San Jose sometime this Fall. More on this as it develops.

5. Members. DMDA recognized our newest members to the association and/or IWG: Texas Instruments, PortalPlayer, Digital Theater Systems. Fraunhofer, Oak Technologies, and O2Micro Inc.

Jim Fleming, Executive Administrator
July, 2002

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