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September 19-20 Meeting Summary

1. DMDA-IWG. The group completed its first draft of the Call for Proposals (CfP) for device interoperability solutions.. The document will be available on the DMDA web site for public comment until midnight (PST) October 9. Comments will be considered at the October 10-11 DMDA meeting, and the final CfP document will be issued October 14, 2003.

2. Legal and Legislative Update. Members were updated on the status of pending legislature and lawsuits of interest. The DMDA Marketing Committee is working on priortizing and identifying those issues that would benefit from DMDA involvement.

3. Digital Device Summit. There were no new developments on the Summit at this meeting. We are looking at the possibility of doing the Summit in conjunction with the Embedded Systems Conference in San Francisco in April 2003.

4. Marketing Committee. The DMDA Marketing Committee did not meet. Members did review the work plan and addressed a number of items, including developing a list of potential members and proposing speakers for future DMDA meetings.

5. Presentations. There were no presentations at this meeting.

6. DMDA Membership. There were no new members this month.

Jim Fleming, Executive Administrator
September 23, 2002

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