Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who were the members of DMDA?

A: DMDA was formed as the result of meetings with about 40 companies commercially engaged in the manufacture or design of digital media devices or their associated technology. Some of those companies became members of DMDA and/or the DMDA-Interoperability Working Group, while others only participated in DMDA activities and attend meetings. 

Q: What were  your goals, and how did you plan to achieve them?

A:  DMDA's general purpose was to promote the acceptance and implementation of technology and applications for portable and 'connected' digital media devices (audio and video), and to support rapid advancement of a sufficient and compatible technology base that would promote a competitive marketplace for said devices.

One of the ways we did that is through the DMDA-IWG, which was an effort formed to develop or otherwise adopt one or more specifications for the lawful consumption and exchange of music (and other types of audio) in digital form on portable and networked audio devices, while encouraging competition and allowing customers freedom of choice.

We were also a resource and an advocate for our members and the industry. Among other things, we:

  • Provided a forum to discuss industry issues, develop standards, and facilitate communication.
  • Monitored legislative, legal and business developments affecting the marketplace.
  • Advocated the associationís positions on industry-relevant issues
  • Publicized and promoted digital media products and services, and were a resource to the industry.

Q: Who started DMDA?

A: Tom White  and Jim Fleming were the founders and initial directors of DMDA.

Q: What were the qualifications for Membership in DMDA?

A: Companies involved in the commercial development or manufacture of digital media devices or associated technologies could join DMDA. Companies that did not meet these guidelines were able to participate in some activities as Associate Members.

Q: What is the the difference between the DMDA Interoperability Working Group (DMDA-IWG) and DMDA?

A: DMDA is the trade association, which achieved its mission through various activities. The DMDA-IWG is one of those activities: a forum hosted by DMDA, open to both DMDA members and non-members, to resolve device interoperability issues. (The DMDA-IWG was suspended June 2003. The DMDA itself was terminated in March 2009.)

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